DIY Cork Wall

Finally made a much needed large cork board in the office. I found 12×12 cork tiles. Each pack of 4 was $8.79 plus you can use coupons. They were less expensive than buying a cork board and leave you charge of the size and shape.

I wasn’t sure of my desired size/design so bought more than needed. I ended up using 3 of the packs for a 36×48 rectangle shape.

I lined up the tiles along my desk to get a visual of size and design. {Wine pairs well with any project that involves measuring in my opinion. }

I was going to measure and use painters tape to “see it”. Decided just to start the first row right along the molding because it made sense to position it low for me to reach from the desk.

They come with tiny adhesive squares to attach the tile to the wall. Sadly they did NOT hold – like at all.

Busted out the always trusty glue gun, hit the corners with a few beads and that seemed to do it.

Here’s to kicking off the new year with an organized space~ Kristen

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