DIY Buffalo Check Mason Jars

Buffalo check or buffalo plaid is one of my favorite patterns. It combines black, white and gray which is pretty much my neutral home palette.

I loooove to use mason jars to organize with so I decided to combine both loves.

Come January I always organize every closet, drawer, cabinet, nook and cranny so this little DIY is just in time.

I pulled 3 pint size Ball canning jars out of my cabinet to paint. Pints are my favorite size and the one I use most often.


white paint (spray paint, chalk or acrylic), black paint (acrylic or chalk), gray paint (or you can mix your black and white), craft paint brush, jars, sandpaper (optional)

You can buy mason jars used for canning at the grocery store, Target, Walmart and Amazon.

I pulled out black and white acrylic paints. I painted one coat of white as the base coat on the outside.

Let dry completely.

I brushed the 2nd coat on one of the jars and it pulled up the 1st coat a bit. I added a coat of white spray paint on 2 of the jars instead.

For the acrylic jar I sanded lightly then painted the second coat on the third jar to compare results. A little experiment….

I think spray paint for the base will be the smoothest but the acrylic works too.

Once your base coats are dry it’s time to paint your vertical stripes. I mixed up my own gray on the inside of a candle lid.

Paint a gray vertical stripe the width of your paint brush. Leave a white space the same width as the brush then paint the next gray stripe. Continue adding stripes around the jar. Let the vertical stripes dry.

Next add horizontal stripes around your jar. The size of your stripes and checks will depend on the width of your brush. I ended up with 3 horizontal stripes.

If needed you can touch up your lines a bit then let dry. I’m fine with some imperfection here so I didn’t drive myself crazy.

Last step is to paint black in the squares where the 2 gray stripes intersect. If you are a perfectionist you could probably use a black sharpie or paint pen to sharpen the corners.

I’m not sure where I’m going to use these just yet but I know as I organize my home I’ll find plenty of possible uses. I may also whip up a few black, white and gray solid jars to mix in as well.

Happy painting ~


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