DIY Holiday Coffee and Cocoa Bar

Do you love coffee and cocoa? Our family loves both – especially in the winter months! Sharing a few ideas for making a festive holiday coffee and cocoa bar.

Find a space – it could be on the kitchen counter or on a piece of furniture nearby. Grab your essentials – coffee maker and favorite mugs.

I like to put the coffee maker on a tray or in this case I used a round mirrored tray. The holiday canister is filled with our k-cups. Grabbed a small tree, some bottle bush trees and faux snow flakes to make it extra festive. You could add ornaments, snow gloves….basically any holiday decor!

This area actually held our microwave but I moved it into the pantry opening up a visible area for my coffee bar.

I used a tiered tray to elevate my mugs, a scalloped basket to hold cocoa packets, a cake stand to display marshmallows for cocoa, festive paper straws and peppermint candies.

My favorite little twist? I grabbed some wrapping paper to add a temporary pattern to the back of the bar.

Voila!!! All set for self serve hot drinks all winter long!

Stay warm y’all-


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