DIY Wood Cooktop Cover

We have an induction cooktop that beeps every time you sit something on it and it makes us CRAZY.

We often need to use the space not for cooking but for regular kitchen prep and counter space.

Technically you can lock it to stop the beeping but it frustrates family members to lock/unlock.

I decided to create a large wood tray to fit over it that we can easily lift off.

I measured across the width of the oven and found some furring strips to build the tray.

I kept cutting pieces until the entire cooktop surface was covered.

I used my miter saw to quickly and precisely make my cuts.

I used my nail gun to secure the tray together.

I laid the whole thing out on the floor then nailed the long sides to the ends first. Then I measured the distance between the long sides to make the final 2 cuts.

I flipped it over and used the nail gun to shoot nails one per board securing it to form a box or frame.

Once assembled it looks like an extra large tray that just so happens to fit perfectly on top of the induction oven.

I do plan to add long cabinet pulls as handles and will side mount them to aid lifting it on and off. I may stain or paint eventually but I’m undecided so I’ll live with it for a while.

Best part? An attractive tray adds counter space and there’s no more beeping!!!!

Happy building –


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