I wanted to make a few homemade gifts for the holidays and thought I’d look no further than wine stoppers to spread Christmas cheer.

Because I find it difficult to get corks back in once opened I switch to store bought stoppers which are usually smaller and tapered.

I found and purchased a bag of 10 tapered corks for $10.00 from Amazon. Affiliate link for the corks can be found https://amzn.to/35TlnJI

When we moved in this house I replaced all of the white porcelain cabinet knobs…and saved them. For what? I had no idea.

Guess why? Those babies fit perfectly on the tapered cork! Up cycling the knobs and giving them new purpose makes me so happy I chose to hoard them!

I knew hardware existed that has screws on both ends. Wandered Lowe’s for a while and found them. One end screws into the end of the cork and the other screws into the knob.

Now I suppose you could leave the wine stopper as is but I liked the idea of jazzing it up. You could decoupage, hand paint or embellish by wrapping the knob in jute or ribbon. Tie on a mini ornaments, jingle bells or snowflakes. I found these 6 for $1.98 at Walmart.

A super cute homemade gift to pair with a bottle of wine for any wine lover on your list!

Cheers – Kristen

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