DIY Fresh Greens Wreath

It’s December 1st and I’m starting to make greenery for the holidays. The best part about fresh wreaths and garlands is that they are nearly FREE and smell amazing.

Think about your natural resources when planning your fresh wreaths and garlands. Magnolia, boxwood and pines make beautiful natural decorations. Often tree lots will have scrap piles of pine branches that are free or for a donation.


Grapevine wreath, florist wire, scissors, pruning shears or clippers, fresh greens of your choice.


1. Choose your wreath form. The easiest way I’ve found to make a fresh wreath is to use a grapevine wreath. I reuse the same one each year making the project a freebie. If you don’t have one these are available at any craft store. Why? Because it’s less work. You can just tuck the branches in and it’s done.

2. Hack off a tree limb. I think of this as the annual pruning of the pines. I brought the branch inside to work snipping off individual branches to make it easier to work with.

It is helpful to have some green florist wire just in case you need some reinforcement.

3. Place branches into the grapevine. I worked from the left side and went clockwise around the wreath tucking deeply.

4. Hang the wreath to examine the shape and see if the pine evenly covered the grapevine wreath. I like mine fluffy but you can use wire to control it.

5. Style the wreath by adding battery operated lights, ribbon, ornaments and/or pine cones. Layer for a festive look of leave it clean and simple.

I’ll be working on my finishing touches once I make a coordinating pine garland for around the door.

Adding fresh greens is this simple!

Have fun decking the halls ~ Kristen

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