DIY Ornament Wreath

How cute is this festive wreath? The supplies were so simple- a wire coat hanger, ornaments and ribbon of your choice. Easy, right?

I ordered a mixed lot of ornaments from Target. The red ones are for the tree this season and the rest are for projecting. How fun!

I hate wire hangers in my closet but they come in handy for projects like this. I untwisted the wire at the top.

It wasn’t too hard to reshape the hanger into a circle.

Feed ornaments right onto the wire hanger. It’s ok to leave empty space at the top to twist it shut again. If you pack too many on they start jumping ship while you try to close the top….spoken from experience.

I bent the wire into 2 U shapes and connected them. It’s pretty crude but it works. I wired 4 pieces of wired ribbon that were about 3 feet long to the top of the wreath to hide the twisted hanger.

Flip it over and tie one of the pieces of wire into a bow.

Bam! You have a festive wreath in mere minutes.

Happy holidays – Kristen

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