Orange Slice Garland

Decided I wanted to make a fresh garland for my tree this holiday season. I debated marshmallows or popcorn but was pretty sure our Great Danes would eat them off the tree.

Instead I picked up a bag of naval oranges at the grocery store and started slicing to make a garland.

I tried to keep the slices 1/4” or thinner so they would dry faster.

One bag of oranges made about 3 cookie sheets full of slices. Parchment paper is recommended but I didn’t have any.

I baked them at 200 degrees for 3 hours.

You want them to dry out but not burn. A few of these got darker in places but when they fully dry out the centers of the oranges will become dark orange/brown anyway.

I used a pretty green twine from Target and a large needle to make my garland.

I used the twine to thread through the orange slices – twice per slice on each side. And VOILA!!! A dried orange slice garland.

Isn’t that sweet?

Happy holidays y’all- Kristen

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