DIY Pomanders

What the heck are pomanders you say? It’s the fancy French name for oranges pierced with cloves.

“Pomander” derives from the French pomme d’ambre, meaning “apple of amber”. It refers to the round shape and they were thought to purify the air.

Supplies are as simple as oranges and whole cloves. As the orange dries it releases a lovely fragrance.

Try sitting out a box of cloves by a bowl of oranges for family to decorate this holiday season.

Pomanders make a pretty centerpiece, tree ornaments, and act as an air freshener. I decorated a few pretties and sat them on top of a bowl of oranges for quick snacks.


If your cloves snap while pressing into the orange use a toothpick first. You can use a citrus zester or tip of a vegetable peeler to score the peel and add ribbon or jute and secure with a pin.

Have fun with it- Kristen

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