DIY Christmas Tree

Have you ever seen an upside down tomato cage Christmas tree? Well, you are looking at two on my front porch right now. Not to shabby looking, are they?

When I removed plants for the winter and I was left with two empty planters by the front door. The perfect solution was to add faux trees for the holidays.

I bought 2 tomato cages at Lowe’s and bent the base slightly to fit snuggly in the planter. I chose the largest cage which was 54” and the price was $6.98 each.

Wrap the 4 metal tips in duct tape to hold them together.

I used two 50 foot non-lit garlands from Walmart per tree and each pack was $7.88. Must share one more bargain….the welcome mat was $4.99 at Aldi.

I took the end of the strand and bent it over the tip then wrapped a piece of floral wire around it to secure the top. I just kept wrapping in a clockwise direction until I ran out of garland. I used a small piece of wire to secure the end to the tomato cage.

Again I used to slip of wire to attach the beginning of the new garland to the cage then wrapped until I got to the end. I was hoping that 100 feet would cover the entire tree but came up short. So close but not enough.

I thought about shimmying the garlands around giving more space between the rows. I kept the rows very close and full so there was certainly room to spread it out.

A lightbulb went on and I remembered that I had some burlap garland on hand. I decided to use it to wrap the base of the “tree”. I actually love the burlap and it reminds me of a live tree. A happy accident!

The front porch is starting to look festive and welcoming for everyone to home to this holiday season.

If you need a budget friendly tree these were less than $23 each.

Happy holidays – Kristen

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