DIY Photo Ornaments

This year I decided that I wanted to use photos on my Christmas tree…. and lots of them. I decided to make my own using wood slices and printed photos.


  1. Wood slices (This Is my link for 3.5-4″ slices from amazon)
  2. Drill and drill bit (if not predrilled)
  3. Photos (I had 4×4’s printed)
  4. Mod podge (This is my Amazon link for the exact Mod Podge I used)
  5. Foam brush or small paint brushes (Here is my link for 4 small brushes)
  6. Scissors
  7. Ribbon

I ordered wood slices from Amazon. A bag of 20 was about $20 so the project is just over $1 per ornament. That’s an unbeatable price for personalized ornaments.

Use my link to get them on Amazon here:

Sent a batch of photos over to my local Walgreens and picked them up an hour later.

Simple project supplies. All you need right here!

Step 1-Cut the photos into a circle to fit the slice. I traced a lid onto the photo that made the perfect size to fit inside the slice.

Step 2- Brush Mod Podge directly on the wood and position the photo. Brush a coat over the front.

Step 3- After the topcoat is dry you can drill or reopen the predrilled hole.

To reopen I used the tip of scissors from the back to pierce a small hole in the front. Next I pressed the scissors through the front pressing the photo paper inward.

These were dry in minutes.

Step 4- Add a pretty ribbon and you are done!

Tip- If you have trouble pushing the ribbon through the hole use a little tape on the end and twist it. You can thread it like a shoe lace.

Not only do these make sentimental ornaments they would be great to tie on as a gift tag. A bonus gift!

Are you loving these as much as I am?

Happy holiday crafting~ Kristen

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