Magazine Trees

If you have some old magazines or catalogs on hand this is the perfect project for you!

I used a West Virginia Vacation Guide from a rest stop and the Amazon Holiday catalog for these after reading them.

This is a great recycling project, SO easy and perfect for the holiday season.

Open your magazine. You will make 3 folds per page starting with the front cover.

STEP 1- Take the top right corner and bring it flush along the spine then press the folded edge.

STEP 2- Take the previously folded page and pull the edge up against the spine and press again. You will have a triangular tail at the bottom.

STEP 3- Fold the triangle upwards so it’s flush with the bottom of the magazine.

Repeat until you get to the back cover.

Once complete staple the front cover to the back cover.

Just like that you have a paper tree….

Or two. It’s addicting!!!

Happy paper crafting ~ Kristen

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