I’ve been looking around for accent wall ideas and came across an article from Redbook sharing a paper doily wall by Tori Spelling. The idea intrigued me and I loved the lacey finished design.

So, what happened with my accent wall a few of you asked over on Facebook? Here’s the story of what did and didn’t happen.

I headed out to AC Moore figuring they would have both paint and doilies in the same store. I had no idea how many I needed so I purchased 8 packs which contain 16 each. Each pack was just over $2 and you could probably save more by finding them at the Dollar Store.

No way I needed 128 for one bathroom wall but I would rather have too many now and return later.

I spray painted a few and taped them to the wall to see if I liked the idea.

Spray painted the rest of the pack and taped more up.

It took some imagination at this point because they were floppy. I started wondering how hard it might be to remove them later. I chickened out after envisioning me prying and scraping them off the wall down the road.

I decided to use a few in the pantry instead since I had the supplies.

I laid out a piece of wax paper. Painted the back of the doily with MofPodge and positioned it on the wall. Last step was to paint the front and smooth it out.

Voila. A clean pantry with stripes and a band of doilies below the shelves.

I think the concept would make a better statement on an accent wall where you could see more of the pattern repeating.

There was no information about the removal process and love a LOT of change so I just couldn’t follow through on this one!!!

Doilies are used to pretty up food so it makes sense to have them adorn the pantry, right?

Now if it could only stay this clean and organized ~


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