DIY Leopard Accent Wall

I recently decided to take our plain half bathroom to the wild side. It is a small bathroom with oak cabinets, oak floors and a pretty picture window.

I previously layered this oval mirror from Home Goods over our existing mirror, repainted the walls in Moonshine by Benjamin Moore and painted the window frame black to draw attention to it.

To create the animal print I used 3 acrylic paints in a sheer gold, tan and black. I squirted them onto a paper plate and used craft paint brushes to apply the various shapes in the lighter 2 colors.

Once the general shapes were in place I started dabbing on some black around the edges. I found the more black I added the better it looked.

It’s such a plain space that I decided it could afford a busy pattern and I love the unexpected panache.

I pounced the paint brush to make the edges appear “hairy” looking. This little video clip shows the process.

I left the top of the print wavy instead of extending it all the way to the ceiling. I’m an artsy girl so I like to do things a little differently.

Hope this blog is helpful if decide to give one of your walls some wild style.

Would love to see your project!

Happy painting ~ Kristen

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