DIY Pumpkin Pallet Art

Fall is finally here and I’m soooo excited. Love the color weather and change of seasons.

I’ve been decorating for fall and am beginning to add in some Halloween touches. I lacked any seasonal art so I made a piece for our entryway.

All I used was 4 pieces of scrap wood, sand paper, paint and a sawtooth hanger. I used my miter saw, hammer and drill as well.

Want to make some art from scrap wood?

Here’s how~

I lined up 3 pieces of scrap and measured where to cut to make all 3 the same length.

Used my miter saw to trim the wood pieces. Lightly sanded the rough wood from the cut.

I cut the 4th scrap in half and screwed it to the boards to attach the planks of wood.

I painted the front with left over Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. Only did one coat because I wanted it to be sort of watery to let the grain peek through.

Used white craft paint to outline the pumpkin shape then filled it in.

Added some black to my palette and started playing around giving the pumpkin some dimension.

Added a few highlights to the stem and worked in some vines.

Found the center on the back and hammered in a sawtooth hanger.

I much prefer the sawtooth style that you hammer the ends in over the kind with teeny tiny nails.

And there you have it….fast and free art without leaving the house.

Happy fall y’all!


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