DIY Bi-Fold to French Doors in Master

I recently gave the master floors a refresh with some peel and stick floor tile. One thing led to another and I decided to modify our closet doors.

I went inside the closet and unscrewed the hinge brackets.

Once the bi-folds are separated they open independently like French doors.

You are all set on the stationary side but need a top pivot bracket and piece for the floor to hold the pin as well on the opposing side. Remove the top/bottom hardware then replace with a spring loaded pin at the top and adjustable peg at the bottom.

They sell bi-fold repair kits which I bought but it didn’t include the top pivot bracket that I needed those. It has *almost* everything you need. Sigh.

I had to go to all 3 hardware stores in town to find 3 (one of ours was broken) top pivot brackets but prevailed! I had to unscrew the metal track from the door frame to slide in the new top pivot bracket then reattach it.

You have sooooooo many options at this point. I brought them to the living room and brainstormed….

Paint the doors? Or Reface them like my bi-fold to shiplap French door project? Hmmmm.

See blog for details on shiplap doors over at

I chose to paint the insides as a surprise and leave the exterior white and bright. The insides had never been painted so I gave them a quick coat of white paint.

I love the wall paper here in this nursery photo but didn’t want to spend $100 to wallpaper the inside of the master bedroom closet doors that no one sees….except internet friends…. or real close friends who inquire🤣.

I lined up the doors and started winging it. Less thinking and louder music created softer peonies! Lol.

I purchased 4 new 12″ handles at Lowe’s for an update. The handles were the most expensive part of the update. Patched the old hole and installed the new hardware.

Voila! Bi-folds converted to French doors.

Special floral detail only shows when the doors are open or when I’m in my closet and can’t figure out what to wear (which happens a lot)!

Hope this gives you an idea or two for converting closet doors!


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  1. Desperate Craft Wife

    It was a fun update to the usual bifolds. I love seeing the flowers on the inside of the doors!

  2. Desperate Craft Wife

    It had been a while since I painted flowers but they came together once I got warmed up😊

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