DIY Peel and Stick Tile Master Bathroom

Welcome to the master bathroom where I’ve just finished a flooring project. This “after” picture shows the fresh tile and I’m really pleased how a few DIY updates dramatically changed this space.

A little “before” picture so you can appreciate the pickled pink cabs that needed a facelift in here as well as the existing tile. I painted the cabinets and changed the hardware quickly after move in. I painted the walls from then original yellow to Offshore Mist by Behr. Nothing but a little paint to take decades off this bathroom.

For the master bathroom project I had 2 door challenges. First, was the linen closet door.  I’m not a fan of unnecessary doors and recently bought sea grass baskets at Lowe’s to hold towels, sheets and miscellaneous items. It’s all organized and looks cohesive with the basket system so I don’t mind going doorless. There is a floor register just outside the closet door which the door got stuck on so for all of the above reasons the door went away and isn’t coming back!

The next door issue was that the main door into the bathroom hung low on the existing tile floor and dragged a bit when humid. The tiles are super thin but I worried they would get scratched and worn from the door.

So…..I tried to tap out the pins that hold the door hinges together but they were not budging. I used the drilled to unscrew the hinge brackets all together and popped it off.

I bought a rasp at Lowe’s for under $10 and planed the problem area {way more than I thought I would need to}. Rehung it and it wasn’t enough. Repeated the process of planing and rehanging 3 more times. Ugh. The door is up and needs MORE rasping but I was exhausted! There’s a full length mirror on one side of the door making it heavier than usual. Taking my chances on scraping at this point!

Time for the fun part!!! I purchased 9 boxes of Wallpops peel and stick floor tiles from Amazon in the Gothic pattern. It’s very similar to our real tile in the mudroom so I felt it would be a great choice. If you like this pattern shop my affiliate link at

As in the kids bathroom project you have to orient a starting place. I chose the entry from the bedroom as it would be the most visible and centered the pattern from this vantage point.

In a few hours I placed all tiles down that didn’t require any sort of cutting and called it a day. Crank up some music and go for it!!!

***As with the pattern used upstairs once you peel off the back you may need to rotate the tile a few times to find the best pattern match. There are some places it doesn’t line up perfectly – I know it, I see it but I won’t let it bother me because the OVERALL image is what you look at and it’s gorgeous!

Save the backs from whole pieces and you can use them to create patterns. I did have to make patterns and recut around the back of the toilet 3 x to get it right! It was just awkward to access and difficult but that was the worst of it.

The Danes pretty much supervised the whole project from our bed.  They are cute, provided support and ironically they match the color scheme.

Once my flooring was complete I decided to do one last DIY home improvement. We hated the bifold closet doors so I modified them. Check the blog for details.

I love the black and white theme. It feels updated and I did all the work myself without demo or a renovation budget. Are the wheels turning?

Hope this was inspiring for low cost updates- Kristen


Commissioned link for the exact tile that I used:

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