DIY Peel and Stick Wallpaper

If you are looking for an easy way to add a focal point or pattern to your space I highly recommend trying peel and stick wallpaper.  I wanted to add a little color to our basement bathroom and purchased this Peachy Keen yellow floral peel and stick paper.

Commissioned link for this exact paper

I used a faux brick paper previously in my kitchen in Florida as well as in a few smaller jobs. Here’s the Florida kitchen

I feel it’s pretty easy to use, not as time consuming as stenciling and has a big impact (plus I kinda love the smell).

Y’all ~the #1 tip I can give you is do NOT unroll much from the backing at a time.


  1. Start at the top of the wall and get started by peeling back 2-3 inches.
  2. Get it aligned nice and straight and smooth it well with the palm of your hand.
  3. Unroll a bit more from the backing, smooth it out and repeat.  If at any point you get a crease or it’s off center just gently peel it back off the surface and reposition it.

The space for the second row of wallpaper was wider than the paper roll. I tacked it at the top and folded a crease along the corner of the wall then carried it out of the bathroom for more room to work.

I cut along the crease with scissors making it easier and a more accurate fit vs trying to cut it in place.

Again start at the ceiling and expose a few inches of wallpaper. Position it and slowly peel more and more off smoothing with the palm of your hand.

A note- these papers don’t line up 100% of the time. You could make yourself crazy trying but it just doesn’t… and it’s really ok. When you step back you get a beautiful overall pattern and no one will pick it apart (except possibly you if you don’t accept this is perfectly imperfect in a way). Let it go and enjoy!!!


This project used one roll of paper with a bit to spare. I used the scraps to create a custom art piece for the bathroom as well. See here for details

Happy papering~ Kristen

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