DIY Chalkboard Wall

Been missing the chalkboard table we had in Florida so I decided we needed a new doodle space in our Virginia home.

I built this barn door for our mudroom area and 99.9% of the time it’s open. In fact, it’s open so much I never even bought a handle.

When we close it there’s a nice smooth wall that’s just being ignored over there. It’s actually the perfect location for a chalkboard wall.

If you head over to Pinterest there are lots of great ideas if you want to illustrate for the seasons or let the kids go for it.

To get started I used my level to draw a pencil line from the top edge of the track down to the baseboard. I ran blue Frog Tape along the pencil line.

The idea is that the chalk wall will be completely hidden when the door is open. It’s all taped off behind the door- I closed it to make sure!

See? It’s a secret chalk wall. Once I made sure it won’t be visible I removed the bumpers that keep the sliding barn door on track and removed it. Since I built and installed the door I know how it goes together AND how to take it apart. A perk from doing things yourself! Next, I then taped off the top edge of the track and baseboards.

The prep always takes the longest. Removed the outlet cover and it’s finally ready to paint.

Using Krylon’s Chalkboard paint, a 2″ angled brush for edging and a roller.

Edge first using a thin coat.

Roll the rest of the wall keeping it thin and even . The drying time is quick- just 30 to 60 minutes. I ended up rolling it twice total and used almost the whole 29 oz can.

The door went right back on the tracks and now for the hardest part…. you have to wait 24 hours before you can use it.

Before writing on the area it needs to be “primed”. That basically means turning a piece of chalk on its side and rubbing over it.

Prime the entire surface area prior to writing on it.

Wash off with a wet cloth or sponge. Now you are ready to play!

I love to have a creative space for the kids (and me) to draw too.

Happy doodling-


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