DIY Flocked Tree

I’ve been in love with snow covered artificial trees for the past few years. I had a diamond in the rough kind of tree perfect for experimenting on.

This tree came from someone’s curbside Christmas cast off pile. It was a half lit pre-lit with a distinct lean. I rigged it straight last year and wound fresh lights around it. You would never know any of these ugly truths looking at it here! By the way a tree in our master bedroom was so festive- loved it!!!!

This year I decided to give it some love. Before my skeleton was put away we brought out the tree so I could begin cutting off all of the lights wound within. This is a new least favorite activity right up there with removing wallpaper and it takes HOURS. And then some more hours.

Once my tree was free of useless cords it was ready for flocking. I ordered SnoFlock from Amazon and patiently waited for it’s arrival. I read that this was the most realistic product used by professionals and that it does sell out so I ordered early.

You’ll need:

  1. a spray bottle of water
  2. SnoFlock
  3. a sifter
  4. a dust mask
  5. Drop cloth/old sheet
  6. clothes you don’t mind getting dirty

I propped up my feet and trolled for some videos/posts before getting started. Here’s my tips for you post-flock.

Place a drop cloth under your work area. I chose to do the flocking in our garage since it needs to dry for 24-48 hours (depending how heavily you flock it). The garage is a Great Dane free zone for the most part.


  1. Mist the entire tree with water.
  2. Use the sifter to apply Sno Flock and spray it with water.
  3. When you are happy with the results mist the entire tree heavily.
  4. Let dry 24-48 hours.

Everything you need is right here. We used our flour sifter that we actually use for confectioners sugar. Hoping it comes clean 😬.

Basically you are sifting and spraying at the same time. 2 handed operation unless you enlist help from a willing participant. I had an 11 year old who was born 3 days before Christmas so he’s basically an elf. He liked flocking. A lot. We have a lot of snow on this trash to treasure tree!

Just look how pretty it is. I sprayed it well with water and crossed my fingers. Our tippy tree spent the night in the garage….

Voila!!! A little dust of snow to freshen up the tree. Now he’s finally ready to get dressed for the season🎄

Happy holidays!~ Kristen

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  1. Desperate Craft Wife

    I love the hint of snow on the tree and it was really easy to do. I have a LOT left so I nay be flocking more items in the future.

  2. Desperate Craft Wife

    Thank you. Totally worth a little TLC. The table top location is a bonus so my 2 Great Danes aren’t crashing into it too!

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