DIY Wine Cork Wreath

Are you a wine enthusiast? Have corks laying around? 

I love my reds (for the health benefits of course. lol) and save all of my corks. 

You can reuse the corks so many ways- like in the bottom of plants for drainage,  make cork coasters, hot glue corks to a serving tray and on and on. 

I toss ’em in a big glass vessel or bowl and drum up a project or use once they accumulate.

One of my favorite uses for corks is a cork wreath!  I was in a boutique one afternoon and spied one for sale….it was $150.00!  I had plenty of corks, a glue gun so all I needed was a wreath form.  Prepare to pour yourself a drink and save yourself $148.00 by making your own!



  1. one wreath form- styrofoam or a burlap wrapped works
  2. 100-200 corks (depending on the size of the wreath form)
  3. glue gun and glue stick or toothpicks! (I used glue but read that picks work too)


  1. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite vino, grab a girlfriend for craft night or turn on some Netflix.
  2. Plug in that glue gun and get comfy. Gather all supplies around you.
  3. Take a piece of ribbon to hang it and tie it in a loop. Just glue right over/around it.
  4. Nothing to this!  Just put glue on one end of the cork and press it to the wreath form.  If using toothpicks press the pick into the cork and press into the form.

You can glue them randomly all over the wreath form on their sides and layer them up until you are happy with the result.


You can glue them in tight rows side by side starting at the outer edge with it flat on the table then work your way in as you finish each row.  I’m a Type A kind of girl so I prefer the orderly corks seen above 🙂


I like the juxtaposition of a circular wreath on a square backdrop as you see here.  It’s hanging on a salvage I picked up in Japan.  It’s the top of a Japanese kotatsu or heated table.  It hung there for a while before moving to the bar.

Time to survey your cork count and gather your supplies. Not enough corks? Ask a friend or host a wine tasting this weekend!

Cheers Y’all- Kristen



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