DIY Herringbone Accent Wall

herringbone with lights

Long before move in day my daughter knew she wanted a herringbone wall.  Instead of shiplap we decided to take the concept of adding wood to the wall but with a twist.

We took possession of the house midweek and by the weekend we were chopping wood planks with the miter saw.  She went to Lowes with my husband while I unpacked and they got the 4×8 sheets ripped into 8′ strips.  She stained all of the planks before we cut any.

middle of wallWe cut a few planks into 36″ pieces but not too many because the sides and edges have to be custom cut.  We drew a line down the center of the wall and positioned the herringbone to overlap over the center line then built it out from there.  It is smooth sailing until you get to the top, sides and bottom.  At that point you have to measure and cut each plank to fit.  Often walls and ceilings are not perfectly level and here is a scenario where we couldn’t precut but rather cut to each space specifically.



Here we have it really built out and almost complete.  It really gave the wall behind the bed a rich wood color, texture and a focal point. We added the XO from the Pottery Barn outlet and gold mesh globe lights from Target.

It was fun to work on the project for my daughter with my daughter too.  I know she loves the wall and is proud of her handiwork!

herringbone with lights

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