DIY Gray Washed Fireplace

stone fireplace before

After a few months of living with the stone wall surrounding the fireplace I decided I wanted to tone down the orange and browns.  I loved the earth tones but wanted to keep the texture with less browns. I debated between a white wash or gray wash.

I was concerned that the white wash could appear pink over the orange stones so went with the gray. ( I’m sure you could do 2 coats over any pink or orange stones if you are wanting a white wash though)

painting stone fireplace

I mixed 50% Moonshine by Benjamin Moore and 50% water in a Tupperware container.  This is a drippy mess so cover the surrounding area with drop cloths.

I simply painted on the wash scrubbing it into the stones and grout lines in small sections then refilling my wash as needed.  The stone area was quite high and even standing on top of a 12 foot ladder I could barely reach the top stone.  It took a lot longer than I expected but it’s an easy process.

I love my gray stone surrounding the fireplace. It feels younger and less dated to me. I love it with our freshly painted gray walls too.

I love the stone fireplace and the wash still allows for color variance and depth.

This house is shaping up into our HOME one project at a time :)~ Kristen

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