DIY Door as a Headboard

silhouette art over bed

We had a Queen size sleigh bed since we got married with a matching bedroom set. We loved the bed but wanted to upsize to a king when buying new mattresses.  I was trying to think how to make the existing dressers work because I didn’t want to buy a whole bedroom set and the dressers were in perfect condition.

I was reading online one day and discovered that the average door turned horizontally was the right size to use as a headboard for a king bed.  Off I went to my favorite haunt for an antique door.  I found one I fell in love with an even kept the original handle on top with it’s green patina.  I love the vintage look and that it adds architectural interest to the wall.

french cleat for door headboardA cap on top creating a shelf was something I wanted to add so we could prop art or photos on top.  I had a handyman add a plank of wood and some crown molding to the top.  That was then….now I would do it myself!  I did learn a trick of the trade from a handyman for hanging heavy items.  He took a 2×4 and split it at a diagonal length wise.  One piece is screwed into the studs on the wall and the other piece is screwed into the back of the door.  The door rests into the wall mount like a puzzle for a super sturdy fit.  I believe it is called a French cleat.


As for the matchy matchy set I painted the dressers and my cedar chest with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Charcoal and ditched the shaker knobs.  The matte black dressers and the white Antique door headboard totally worked.  We got to update our entire bedroom with a larger bed, a door-turned-headboard and some paint. 23 years of marriage and we haven’t had to buy new furniture….that’s pretty awesome!  Tuck away the door idea if you want a larger bed, need a headboard or are looking for some architectural interest.

door turned headboard

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  1. Aimee Eftink

    Thanks for this idea. I made one for guest room and it turned out gorgeous. However the guy at Lowe’s said soon they will not be cutting wood for customers anymore. They get too many returns. 😪

  2. Desperate Craft Wife

    Aimee – that’s awesome that you made a headboard! I haven’t heard that about Lowe’s- sure hope it doesn’t happen. I would buy up “returned wood” esp if discounted in a heartbeat. Sometimes I see some back by the cutting area marked down. I wonder if HD cuts? I tend to go to Lowe’s but I would have to be a convert or buy a table saw if they stop cutting 😬

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