DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

filter wreathHave you seen Coffee Filter Wreaths on Pinterest or around the internet? I recently made one and will give you the low down on the project.

This requires a glue gun, glue sticks, a 14″ straw wreath form, 400 basket style coffee filters and your patient pants.  Sets you back all of $5 if you have the glue gun and sticks.



This is NOT a fast project.  I think it took a few hours which was shocking.  I’m not good a sitting around so this was a test of patience for me.  I took a single filter and twisted it into a cone with a slightly angled tip.  Repeat 399 more times.  The simplest way is to shape them before turning on the glue gun.

wreath in progressAfter a few burns I got smarter. Learn from me and save your finger tips!  I took a pencil and pressed the hot glued filter against the straw form for a few seconds then released.  I glued them tightly together moving around the wreath form and my wreath is very fluffy.




half doneI spent a half hour in hot glue hell for a few days convinced it would be worth it.  Before I finished the last section I added a loop of jute so I could hang it once finished then glued around it.

I do think it was worth it and I love the feminine texture. But for the record I do have a 2nd wreath form but am in no rush to do it all over again!  By all means give it a whirl!


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  1. Desperate Craft Wife

    Thank you!!!! It took a lot of sit down time but I love the texture of it. Glad it’s a smashing success 😊

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