DIY Peel and Stick Wallpapered Kitchen

banqutte and brick

In our eat-in kitchen area of our Florida house I wanted to add some texture and interest to the walls. I chose a faux white brick wall paper that was removable at Target.  Amazing concept, right?  

The product is described as “Devine Color Prints and Patterns textured Brick White is a peel-and-stick, removable wall and surface covering that is easy to apply, reposition, and remove. Simply peel and stick onto recommended surfaces.” No fear of permanent wallpaper removal as in the past – this is easily removed.

This was super easy to hang and if you get a wrinkle or it’s not straight you can reposition it. I wasn’t a blogger back then and don’t have a lot of pictures from the process unfortunately.  I absolutely love my brick walls though!!!

Disclaimer- the paper mimics an imitation of brick and the “grout lines” are imperfect but it does create a good overall image.

If you are OCD or get stuck on an imperfection this pattern is NOT for you.  The wonky grout lines drove my husband crazy it hung there.  For me I really liked the soft colors and loved the added tone on tone texture it provided.  It remained up until we prepped the house for sale and I removed the paper for a more neutral look.  It did not damage the walls at all after hanging for a year or two!

I would highly recommend trying the peel and stick papers on an accent wall, the back of bookshelves, for a temporary backsplash….the possibilities are endless.  These are perfect  choices for people who are renting, military families in base housing, anyone who doesn’t want to make a permanent commitment or the folks who simply need a lot of change….I’m guilty as charged there. Give it try and share how you like it!!!!

FYI- If you are interested in this exact wallpaper here’s a commissioned link 

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Happy papering-


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  1. Okay, Kristen…I’ve been wanting to try the peel and stick paper but I’m so apprehensive about getting frustrated and quitting. I’m not the handiest gal…what is the difficulty level? I want to paper the staircase wall but I would have to go around a door frame and off course there is a steep angle…but the footprint is small…? I love your faux brick wall! ❤

  2. Desperate Craft Wife

    Beth, It comes in a long roll- I think 2 feet across. Measure the length and cut the piece. You would start at the ceiling and get it straight then unroll and press as you go. Do not peel off the entire back and attempt to position or it can stick to itself. Cut the next piece but check the pattern- you may need to trim some off for the pattern to flow correctly. Line up at the ceiling again and repeat. You can do it!

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