buffalo check wallOne of my favorite projects I recently completed was a Buffalo Check accent wall in an otherwise bland bathroom.  Buffalo checks are everywhere these days making it on trend but it’s actually a classic pattern.

buffalo check paint colors
I chose 3 paint colors for my buffalo check wall.  White was the overall color and for the mid-range and dark hues I only bought quart size.

You’ll need to choose 3 colors.  Black, gray and white are the overall color theme in our home so I stuck with those colors. When you work with a palette of the similar colors it flows room to room. I chose Decorator’s White and bought a gallon to paint the entire bathroom with a fresh coat.  Fresh paint makes such a difference a room!  I used the remaining white in my son’s room makeover….but that’s another post.







buffalo check horizontal tape
Frog tape is my favorite painters tape for the least bleed through.

You are going to need lots of painter’s tape, a large level, a yard stick and a pencil.  Measure the width and height of the room.  This room was 80″ high and 90″ wide so I went with 10″ stripes.  I wanted larger checks so it didn’t feel too busy.  I lightly marked the stripes then used my level to connect the marks and drew horizontal stripes.  When you tape the horizontal stripe you want to tape above the line and below the lines so the stripe is the full 10″.  I stuck a small piece of tape inside the alternating stripe that I intended to paint gray so I didn’t get confused!


buffalo check painted horizontal
Paint and remove tape. Let dry.

Roll on the midrange color which is Winter Solstice then pull off the painters tape and let it dry.  I loved the stripes and considered stopping here but have never tried a check pattern and decided to keep going.  If you want a striped wall simply stop here.




buffalo check vertical tape
Measure and tape off the vertical stripe.

Measure and lightly mark your vertical stripes. I measured left to right every 10″ then used a level to connect the lines.  Tape to the left and right of the pencil lines to keep the 10″.  I added a small piece of tape to every other stripe so I didn’t accidently paint in the wrong area.  It’s easy to get confused.




buffalo check vertical painted
Roll your vertical stripes.

You want to think smart on this step.  You will be rolling on your vertical stripe alternating every other one in the same midrange color.  Part of the stripe is already painted so it really boils down to painted every other square in each vertical row.  Again you want to remove the tape as soon as you have completed it but here’s where you can save time and tape.  In the next step everywhere the stripes intersect you will be painting that square the darkest color which I used Ashland Slate.  I tacked a piece of tape in each square that will be painted the darkest color.  As I removed the vertical tape I tried to leave it where the final square would need tape anyway and if possible I ripped and used pieces of tape again.

buffalo check wall 2

Your final step is to paint the intersecting squares your darkest color, remove tape and you are done!  Touch up any bleed through or light areas then step back and admire your charming Buffalo Check Wall!

Buffalo check this out!- Kristen





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