Pumpkin Shaped Biscuits

Baked the cutest pumpkin shaped biscuits this weekend. It wasn’t difficult just a little time consuming but so worth it!

Grab a pack of refrigerated biscuits. Remove from packaging and roll out with a rolling pin. Stuff your biscuit with whatever you want!

I used cheese and herbs. You could fill them with a meatball and sauce, taco meat and cheese or a scrambled egg and bacon for some ideas.

Gather the sides and pinch them together closing your biscuit into a ball. Cut 3 pieces of bakers twine and lay out in a star shape. Place your dough in the center then tie each piece in a knot shaping it into a pumpkin.

You may have bakers twine if you tie your turkey legs closed at thanksgiving. If not try your local grocery store or here is my affiliate link for some to keep on hand https://amzn.to/3SSdvkH.

I pulled all my knots up straight so they weren’t sticking to the dough.

Place in a preheated oven at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Remove when golden brown. Cut and remove strings once they have cooled slightly.

Place a rosemary sprig in the top for a stem effect and serve ‘em up!

If you make some let me know what you stuff yours with. I’d love filling ideas and will make these again for sure!!!

Bon Appetit~Kristen

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