Shower Product Dispenser for Home

I recently stayed in a VRBO and they had a shampoo/conditioner/body wash dispenser like you see in some hotels.

My teenage son thought it was pretty cool which got me thinking….

I’m constantly finding empty bottles in the tub. They fall off the wall and half the contents go down the drain.

A wall mounted dispenser at home would mean :

1. No more shower walls filled with bottle clutter.

2. No more bottles in the tub. {which teenagers have been known to step over and shower with until there’s an intervention}

3. No more money down the drain~ literally!!!

I purchased this one after our trip. I’ve never thought of this for residential use before but it makes so much sense!!! I’m putting them in all of our showers.

The labels come in 3 languages. I put the English labels up so he could get oriented but plan to swap for French. Teen boys will love French for body wash🤣

Here’s my Amazon affiliate link for the dispenser

I only wish I thought of this 10 houses ago but better late than never!!!!

Cheers- Kristen

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