Simple Chandelier Update

We inherited this chandelier in our Pennsylvania house. I didn’t mind the shape or forged matte black metal either. I did kind of hate the heavy frosted glass shades.

I was inspired by this photo in Ballard. The light fixture itself is similar and made it easy for me to visualize fabric shades.

Unfortunately even on sale 6 shades would be over $150 and I could just buy a new light at that price!

PROBLEM AND SOLUTION- First of all my chandelier didn’t have chandelier shaped bulbs inside. The shades are made to clip on that style light bulb. The solution is to use a chandelier shaped bulb with a regular E26 base. Bingo!!!! Here’s my affiliate link for 6 dimmable bulbs for $13.99

I found sets of 6 linen like shades on Amazon available in 5 colors. The price tag for all 6 is $35.50 which is a good deal. My affiliate link is

I removed all of the regular light bulbs, the plastic ring that keeps shades secure then the old glass shades. All I had to do was put in the new chandelier shaped bulbs and clip on the new shades.

My little chandy update was under $50 instead of $150+. Now that fabric shades are here I have an idea tucked away for future updates for pennies. {We will revisit that in a future post}.

No wiring necessary, just a few minutes of time and I’m perfectly happy with my fixture now.

Cheers -Kristen

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