Dog Feeding Station

Welcome to “The Dane Diner” or maybe “The Daning Room”. Isn’t it adorable? And it’s so functional!!!

It’s recommended that Great Danes eat from a raised surface and this takes up some space. Then double it….since we have 2 Danes. The laundry area wasn’t cutting it for dog dining since it’s also the passageway to the garage.

Soooo- let’s back track a bit. We are having a patio roof addition put on and the ceiling is gorgeous tongue and groove wood. I helped myself to the wood scraps and brought them inside.

I played around with the pieces to make sure I had enough scrap wood to go to the desired height.

I ordered these wall mounted dog bowls. The top of the bracket is to be mounted at the same height as the dogs shoulders. I wanted to mount the bowls directly to the wood wall for extra stability.

Voila. A shoulder height wall is complete. I used my miter saw to cut boards as needed to fit the wall and my brad nailer to attach the boards.

Tried out a white wash but wasn’t feeling it.

Tried out alternating light black wash and white wish stripes …. and loved it.

Added another coat of Iron Ore to really make it show. I found this kitchen mat to protect the wood. It’s waterproof and super easy to clean. My Amazon affiliate link for the waterproof kitchen mat is at

The dog adjustable raised bowls sets came with a shelf too. My Amazon affiliate link for the bowls can be found here

Couldn’t resist adding a funny letter board to the dining area. I placed their treat jar on the other shelf.

I’m so happy to have the Danes out of the laundry room and in their own Daning Room.

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a few take away ideas- Kristen

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