Sharing a few “before” photos of a living room I recently refreshed for a client. She wanted to add some finishing touches and expressed difficulty making decisions in the decor department. The furniture placement was copied from the previous homeowners furniture position and had never been moved in 8 years.

Now I’ll walk you through the “after” pics and what changed. I changed the furniture positions but kept the large sofa in the same location because it’s anchoring the longest wall. I did pull it out from the wall enough that you can walk behind it easily to open or close windows.

****Furniture doesn’t have to be pushed flush against the walls.

The large basket in the corner was at Home Goods. I placed the kids fleece blankets inside. It can be used to store more blankets, pillows etc. I found this super soft white throw blanket at Target.

****Every living area needs a few big baskets to stash items from toys to pillows inside. You can pretty much always find large baskets at your Home Goods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores.

These are her old pillow inserts inside new pillow covers purchased online. We used these pom pom fringe pillows in both cream and blue to tie in her rug. My link for these pillow covers

****You can save space and money by just changing the covers. I have another post coming with tips on sizing the pillows and covers.

I relocated the kids IKEA table to the corner. The table has 3 things on it- an easy-to-care-for snake plant and basket from Lowes, a cute lantern from Home Goods and one of the homeowner’s framed photos. ****Items grouped in odd numbers are pleasing to the eye.

A new lamp was purchased to bring some sophistication to the room. The light has a diffuser for softness and the height can easily be adjusted. I have these in my own home and seem to do better finding these in stock online vs in the store.

Added a little seasonal decor- 2 acorns and a pumpkin to the end table. Again used a grouping of 3 items to decorate with.

The loveseat was backed into a corner but I relocated it to help anchor the large living room. I moved one of the end tables next to the loveseat as well. Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Here you can see more of the pom pom pillow covers and a soft, textured white throw from Home Goods. I chose to add at lot of white to lighten the space as the couches and blinds are brown and it was a bit dark. Buying blankets with texture is important – it is inviting to look at and snuggle under. On the end table I used 3 object- a wood bowl, flowers and a candle that I found in rooms.

****”Shop your house” before you go shopping to see what you can reuse.

I moved the recliner to a new location all together. Now it’s filling an empty corner to create a cozy reading spot. This was an existing pillow cover that I plumped up but putting 2 inserts inside. Here’s a 3rd new throw blanket with lots of weave and fringe to bring texture to this space.

Would you believe only $300 was spent on new items. With the furniture repositioned and by adding a few fresh items the room looks so much more welcoming and cozy.

Hope you enjoyed a few tips to refresh your living room!

Cheers- Kristen

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