Kitchen Cabinet Organization- Step 1

I’ve been working with families to organize their kitchens. In cases where a family has lived in their homes for many years and they haven’t been to the back of cabinets as long as they can remember.

This client has been in her home 15 years and dragging everything out was not something she wanted to do but wanted it done. I’m just the girl to make it happen!

The first step to organizing your kitchen is to PURGE AND CLEAN. That means taking EVERYTHING out of the drawers and cabinets. While the spaces are emptied out it’s the perfect time to give it a good scrub. Purging and spring cleaning all in one!

Now that everything is out any visible duplicate items can be eliminated.

Once we pared down the contents fewer items went back inside. Everything is easy to see and access.

Glassware has become mismatched over the years. With tall cabinets she had no idea what was on the top shelves and we only placed infrequently used items on the top shelves.

After…..things look sparse but she intends to order a new set of glasses now that there is space. All the plastic cups or mismatched items are gone baby gone.

The tupperware cabinet often needs a lot of attention. I pulled them all out, cleaned the shelves and matched containers with lids. I tossed any without mates or that were warped, cracked or damaged.

Stacked the keepers neatly inside!

Pots and pans cabinet had a few items not in the pots and pans category.

Once I sorted out the contents and purged a few things there is so much less inside and it’s easier to access everything.

If the process seems too overwhelming just start with one cabinet a day. Going through the entire kitchen took about 8 full hours- it’s not a quick process but SO WORTH IT.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to tackle your kitchen contents~ Kristen

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