Gift Idea-Address Embosser

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending Christmas cards to our family and friends. I love to brew some coffee and sit down quietly to reminisce as I address the cards. I do cheat however and use an address embosser for our return address.

Thought I would share my favorite address embosser as I tackle my holiday cards. I think the shiny gold seal makes letters and cards feel extra special.

I always thought address embossed were fancy and expensive but they are actually very affordable. And a bonus is that you out of writing your return address over and over with one little squeeze.

You can emboss your address directly on the envelope flap or you can purchase 2″ round seals available in several color choices.

Even though there a many choices I always buy these shiny gold metallic stickers

You receive 300 stickers for $8.60 which lasts me a LONG time. Guess that’s a sign that I’m not the best pen pal anymore!

The link for the embosser that I have and line to give as gifts is It’s $21.92 and really is a gift that keeps on giving. I look forward to using mine when sending out personal mail.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


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