Christmas Tree Ribbon Garland

Happy holidays! I got an early start decorating for Christmas {as usual} so I’m sharing a few decorating tips for trimming the Christmas tree.

First step is to make an artificial tree appear fuller. Secret weapons- non lit garlands and garland ties.

Once your tree is sufficiently plump it’s time to add lots of lights.

Nothing better than the soft glow of a Christmas tree. A few tips on lighting the tree at

Adding ribbon is my favorite part of trimming the tree. All of your craft stores run sales then coupon, coupon, coupon. I bought mine at AC Moore this year at 50% off and then got 20% off the total. Use apps, paper coupons and competitor coupons. Keep the jingle in your pocket and get a deal on that ribbon.

For 2019 I chose red and black buffalo check and a solid red ribbon.

Tip #1 Wired ribbon allows you to easily shape the garland as you wish and it holds the shape.

Tip #2 Using 2.5″ wide or wider ribbon gives you thicker, bolder ribbon patterns.

Tip #3 Cut your ribbon in 3 foot strips on an angle. Strips make it much easier to manage and the angled cuts tuck into the tree.

Tip #4 I like to pinch the center of the 3′ section creating 2 “swoops” of ribbon per piece and add a piece of wire to the center to secure it.

Snip a few 3′ strips on an angle.

Fold ribbons in half.

Snip a few inches of green floral wire.

Twist wire in the center of the ribbons.

Tuck in a piece at the top of the tree then wire the center then tuck the bottom creating 2 swoops of ribbon.

Continue in whatever direction you wish. You can go horizontally on a diagonal, down vertically or even a criss cross pattern. This tuck and wire strategy works for any of the above ribbon patterns.

I chose ribbon cascading down my tree in 4 rows from the top.

Tip #5 I let the ribbon tails hang at the bottom vs tucking because I know with the Danes they will become untucked. If you have kids or pets this is for you!

I made a tree topper with more ribbon. I wasn’t thinking about a tutorial while I was making it but basically this is what I did.

I took 3 long pieces looped in half (maybe 8 feet piece looped in half to make 4 foot pieces) and ran a wire through the middle and twisted. Cut the folded ends of the to create 6 “tails”.

I took another long piece of ribbon and another piece of wire. Starting at one end start making figure eights on top of each other while pinching the center to twist the wire closed. Fluff, twist and shape all the loops into a bow. Wire the bow and tails together and then secure to the top of the tree.

Hope this has been helpful and you are ready to tackle the garland with confidence.

Have fun with your tree ribbon and go in whatever direction strikes your fancy!

Happy holidays- Kristen

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