Tips for a Fuller Artificial Christmas Tree

Dragged out our HUGE 12 foot artificial tree and assembled it over the weekend. It’s prelit days are over and I removed all the lights years ago.

I honestly think we broke bulbs trying to stuff him in a Christmas tree bag and drag it to the garage for storage. We’ve had the tree for 13 years and he requires triage each year.

He’s up, fluffed but looking a little bare around the “trunk” and between a few branches.

I bought 2 12 foot non-lit garlands at Walmart for $4.68 each.

Fluff the garland well.

Bought one pack of garland ties for $2.44 and used one to secure the garland at the top of the tree. I weaved the garland around in front of the trunk like a zig zag lifting branches and working it to cover bare spaces.

The top is half is filled in nicely.

I fluffed a second garland to work in the bottom sections.

You can’t see that 2 garlands are in there but you also can’t see the trunk or gaps anymore either.

Voila- now you have a fuller artificial tree to decorate.

Next blog post will include some lighting tips!

Happy Holidays y’all!!! It’s my most favorite time of the year ~ Kristen

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  1. Desperate Craft Wife

    One of my FUNNEST Liz memories. And I still have that Walgreens tree! I put it up every year and think of you.

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