DIY Oversized Wood Tags

In our Florida house I made oversized numbered tags for the kids backpacks. Super easy DIY and the “tags” can say anything you want!

These are the tops of fence boards I had left over from a former project. I cut them down with my miter saw to resemble a large gift tag.

I drilled a hole for ribbon to go through then spray painted the wood tags. I used a stencil to add the numbers. Really fast. Really easy.

Found this darling tape measure ribbon at Joann’s and used it to hang the hooks.

I painted the wall with black stripes but 2 stripes are actually mounted 1×4’s in studs. Snagged some boat cleats at Lowe’s and screwed them in vertically for super sturdy back pack hooks!

Your tags can say ANYTHING you want and are simple to whip up.

Any ideas where you would use one???

Happy crafting~Kristen

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