Spring has spring and ’tis the season to spruce up your outdoor living areas. I love having my coffee, lunch and dinner al fresco. I love having my dogs with me too.

Decided to add some flowers to the deck and in the process I used some flower pots in some unorthodox ways for the furry friends.

We needed some COLOR! I picked up some annuals for the large blue pot, tossed some bulbs in the tall flower pot and look closely at that 3rd pot…

I fit a dog bowl in the top of the 3rd flower pot. The Danes can have icy cold water any time we are out there. When we go in I dump the water on the flowers.

Another quick tip- to save on soil quantity and to aid drainage I added wine corks to the bottoms. Ya gotta use your resources, right?

{Barkley wanted to eat all the corks so that was exciting}

In the mudroom I used 2 terra cotta flower pots in an a new way.

Any guesses where the flower pots are????

The dog bowls fit in the flower pots so his food and water are raised. I placed them in a boot tray to contain any messes too.

Raised bowls are important for Great Danes and I am trying to be creative about this since he’s growing so fast! This may work for another week or 2 and then I have flower pots to plant in!

Hope this inspires you~


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