Before you toss that old dresser or turn down a hand me down think twice!

I snagged this long dresser off a yard sale page in Florida but we never used it as a dresser. It used to live our in kitchen as an optional buffet piece but we used all 6 drawers for our arts and crafts supplies. A dream!

I can’t remember what color it was when I originally bought it but I painted it gray then rubbed a silver paste on the base leaving the top darker. Here she is ready for a new look. I’m giving it another makeover and passing it on to one of our kids for a new life.

I’m using Rustoleum Chalked in Charcoal to give this dresser a face lift. Inexpensive, easy to use and it goes a long way.

This dresser had been stashed in the basement post-move to Virginia and the top was kind of scarred and dirty. Per the directions all you need to do to prepare is make sure the piece is clean.

I decided to run the hand sander across it to remove anything in the wake and wiped down the rest of the piece with a Lysol wipe. Let dry.

The Chalked product is so easy to use. Just stir the paint and brush on in the direction of the grain…or in my case in the same direction as the last coat of paint😂

One coat down and it’s already looking better.

2nd and final coat is drying. It dries fast but I waited a day between coats because I was busy.

I opted to leave the hardware on and paint it ALL in Charcoal. Only prep was to remove the drawers from the piece then clean it.

I used the Rustoleum Chalked Matte sealer. One coat will do the trick.

Once all the sealer was on it had a day to dry before the moving truck. Nothing like running it down to the wire.

Voila! Here’s the dresser in her new home. Now she’s a tv stand with 6 glorious drawers for storage. Wasn’t that easy?

Happy painting~


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