Master Bedroom Update- Fresh walls

Well, a year and a half after moving in our Virginia home I finally got around to painting the master bedroom.

Before the existing color was a creamy yellow with a darker hue on the ceiling inset.

Our headboard is actually an antique door mounted sideways. I love my door but it was lost due to the similar colors.

My husband requested a soft blue wall color. No drama, nothing dark. Something tranquil and soothing. Choosing the color can be the hardest part of a project!

Ultimately I chose Offshore Mist by Behr. My parents have this color on the ceiling of their sunroom so we were familiar with it. I bought the paint at Lowe’s and they mixed it in the top quality Sherwin Williams one coat formula.

I must go on a paint rant- feel free to skip the paragraph…

**I NEVER buy cheap paint**. It’s runny and you’ll end up doing multiple coats. It means more clean up due to dripping or bleeding under tape (I prefer not to use any tape), more time on the job and purchasing multiple gallons. In the end it takes longer and may not actually be cheaper. Easiest to buy quality paint out the gate- one gallon of good one coat paint was enough to do our whole master bedroom!

Remove all the switch covers and grab the drop cloths. I ran the covers through the dishwasher so they were like new!

I like to edge first using a 2″ angled brush then roll with a quality roller. Again- it’s worth getting a decent roller so it doesn’t fall apart, leave roller steaks etc. Buy decent quality supplies and make the job smoother.

Once the walls were painted blue the headboard, doors, built ins and trim appear crisp and clean vs blending in.

Doesn’t the white trim and woodwork pop against the blue? Love the contrast yet it is still soothing.

While painting the walls I scrubbed all of baseboards, dusted blinds, cleaned on top of window blinds and door frames. The room is the cleanest it’s been since we moved in and still has a fresh paint smell😍. There’s nothing better than a freshly painted room!

I chose a day free of errands or appointments that I could dedicate to knocking out the entire paint job. I was able to complete the room in one day including a detour for a fresh comforter, throw blanket and pillows for the new color combination.

I realize now that in all of the pictures there is a white sheet over the comforter. Sigh. I would retake the pictures but that’s how it will ALWAYS look. I keep a sheet on top because we have 2 Great Danes who love sneaking up on the bed- one Dane is white and one is black. So much easier to swap top sheets than wash a comforter constantly. Trying to think smarter!!

Happy painting and decorating~ Kristen

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    You are simply AMAZING ,! So productive, I made a pot of soup today!!! I,m now done for the day!

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