DIY Thanksgiving Keepsakes

With Thanksgiving is just around the corner have you thought about a craft or thankful activity to do with the family?

Sharing a few Thanksgiving keepsakes we made in the past.  Makes me happy to pull them out for the holiday and reflect on past holidays.

One year we jotted down what we were thankful for with a sharpie on wood slices. This is one of my favorites- sweet and simple.

You can get a bag of 20 for about $20 on amazon. (This Is my link for 3.5-4″ slices from amazon).

One year I painted river rocks prior to Thanksgiving and we all wrote what we were thankful for on the rock. The rocks were kind of awkward to write on so the wood slices would be my preference.  My youngest was 4 then and wrote that he want thankful for “pants” in orange sharpie that year and we still laugh about that. Out of the mouths of babes!

Placemats are some of my favorite keepsakes. Trace their hand and then cut out a few from different colored paper for the feathers. 2 circles for the turkey head and body.  No paint needed- just paper, scissors and markers.

If you are feeling brave paint the palm brown and each finger a different color. Perfect turkey! Add a finger print for the gobbler. Always sign and date your keepsakes.

By the 4th kid I finally had the proper tool to preserve preschool and homemade art!   Wish I had one all the way back when my first child was born.  If your kids are little I recommend picking one of these up.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. Go make some memories!!!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all~ Kristen

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