DIY Christmas Ornaments

I have a box of inexpensive silver plastic ornaments that I decided to update this year. Backstory…we had tile floors in Florida and anything that fell shattered into a million pieces so I went plastic for a while.

I still like indestructible ornaments {due to 2 Great Danes} but I’m not feeling the silver this year. I decided to whip out the glue gun to update them.

Flipped on the tv and used a fluffy yarn and the glue gun to cover these babies up. Mindless and relaxing DIY with a few hot glue burns. No pain, no gain. Lol.

End result made me feel like the ornaments were tucked away in a cozy little sweater.

I also wrapped a few with jute and hot glue for a very earthy and natural look.

If you want to change you color scheme consider a yarn DIY for a simple and inexpensive makeover.

Happy holidays~


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