DIY Holiday Ribbon Ideas

Looking for an inexpensive way to dress up ordinary items for the holidays? Ribbon is my favorite way to go from functional to festive.

I like to mix colors and patterns then save every.single.piece of ribbon year to year.

Once you get started you can’t stop! You’ll find new ways to use ribbon from tying it on presents or gift bags to the flag on your mailbox!!! It’s addicting.

I prefer wired ribbon because it holds the shape you want and I use LOTS of it at Christmas time. I’ll share a few ideas below and hope it gives you some ideas to try out in your home.

I used a buffalo check ribbon to make a bow and cascading pieces from the top of the tree. I had a hard time finding buffalo check and ultimately found it at Joann’s.

Here is a favorite little recycling project I did this year. I took 4 strands of red and green ribbons from Christmas’ past and simply knotted all of them together. I used one of the ribbons to tie them to our barstools.

Jazzed up some inexpensive green wreaths from Old Time Pottery for our french doors. I used a wide wired ribbon to hang them and thumb tacked it to the top of the door. Used another piece of ribbon to create a simple bow and used green florist wire to attach the bow.

My farmhouse light fixture is now festive with a ribbon dressing her up. It also ties in the ribbon from the Christmas tree nearby.

I wired left over ribbon from another Christmas vertically here for a new twist. This ribbon says “Merry Christmas” and I bought it at Walmart a while back. My Danes keep rubbing against the tree and shifting my perfectly spaced ribbon which is making me a little cRaZy.

For this tree I created a bow and then wrapped red polka dot ribbon around this tree. The ribbon acts as both a garland and a filler to dress up the tree.

Another recycling project from old ribbons is shown here on our garage lights. I made 2 bows using a hodgepodge of colors and patterns. Outside it doesn’t have to match anything so all the fun mismatched ribbons totally work!

Honestly I get a little carried away with my box of ribbons….

Not even the Danes are safe…they have bows tied to their collars.

I tie festive ribbon around fresh towels for our guests year round. Makes them feel welcome and it helps me ensure clean towels are ready for company.

For big gatherings I need to add extra seating. Brought in spare chairs and added big bows to play them up rather than down.

Grabbed some burlap garland from my ribbon box and wound it around the tiered tray for a natural texture and filler. Added a few pine cones, acorns and ornaments for simple, natural holiday decor.

As you can see I love to mix ’em up using red, green, black, white, stripes, checks, stars, polka dots…just have fun with it!

When in doubt put a bow on it!Happy holidays ~ Kristen

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