DIY Cotton Ball Garland

In my last post I shared how we flocked our trash to treasure Christmas tree. It was really easy to do and now I want to share how I finished it off!

First of all I decided to put it on a table top and used a huge galvanized tub instead of a skirt. I cut a small hole in the bottom using my jig saw and I feed the tree through the hole into the stand.

Tied a bow and wired it to the top then used 3 extra long ribbon pieces to cascade down the tree. Easy peasy and so pretty!

Finally, the main point of this blog. I was looking for ideas to make a simple garland with my son and came across a photo of a cotton ball garland.

I had no idea how many cotton balls I would use on a 7.5 ft pencil tree so I bought 800. This was overkill and then some! Good thing cotton balls are cheap and don’t expire.

We sat down by the tv with bowls of cotton balls. I use regular white sewing thread through the needle and created about a 3 foot section and knotted it. I made 5 of these and we just pushed the needle through the cotton ball leaving about a 1 inch space between each ball.

I draped the garland on the tree and gently adjusted any cotton balls that slid.

End result looks like a Pom Pom garland but for pennies. Campfire marshmallows would make a darling garland too- if you don’t have kids or pets. Pretty sure my table top tree would be ravaged by the Danes if I wrapped it in marshmallows so again…cotton balls for the win.

Happy decorating~ Kristen

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