Welcome back y’all! Sharing how our boring half bathroom that serves as our main guest bathroom looked for a YEAR. It has oak floors, oak cabinetry and a beautiful window. It took the backseat for so long because it was really fine as is. It’s just kind of meh.

I planned to repaint and refresh it eventually but had many other cosmetic changes to complete that took higher priority. The time had finally come to put my mark on it.

The first thing I did was paint the window frame black. I really love to use black as a strong accent color and I’ve used some black in all our rooms. It’s a dramatic neutral that’s actually one of my favorite colors. It can seem scary to paint things black at first but then you kind of get addicted. Just sayin’. Once I got my black fix in I decided to choose a wall color.

The whole house was painted yellow when we moved in. My go-to gray is Moonshine by Benjamin Moore and I’ve already repainted most of the main floor with Moonshine. I already had a gallon on hand so I decided to use it in the bathroom too. I know, shocker. Our entire house in Florida was painted Moonshine and it’s just a color that feels like “home” to us. I feel comforted to see my favorite hue here too.

I sure love me some fresh paint!!! I made a fancy toilet paper triangle for the after pics and then was surprised and amused that it lasted 48 hours with a whole lotta boys in and out of there!??

I use a large olive basket for toilet paper storage. I purchased this one at the Fancy Flea in Plant City, Florida but you can find them online easily.

Found this totally impractical rug at Target by Opalhouse and fell in love. The poms on the corners endeared me but got caught on the door. I loved the rug so much I started to consider how to reverse the door swing. My solution was to put the rug on a diagonal. Problem solved.

I discovered that the sheet mirror is very well glued to the wall and I’m just not interested in a lot of repair work. I found this oval metal and rope mirror in Home Goods and decided to hang it in front of the existing mirror. What do you think? I’m am loving the layered look!

Generally I’m not big into accessories in the bathroom. A hand towel and soap is about all we need in there. I tossed a few faux acorns from Steinmart in the glass jar with some lavender soaps. The glass jar was from back when I staged our Florida house for sale and figured it would last through showings but it hasn’t broken {yet}. I’m not sure if the spider plant will last in there but I’m trying to spread plants to all our rooms since they make me happy.

All it took to refresh this bathroom was a little paint, a new rug and mirror to make this guest bathroom finally get noticed.

I also like to add paper hand towels for guests when the holidays arrive because it feels extra festive to me.

Do you love or hate paper hand towels? Either way- hope you enjoyed a few ideas from the guest bathroom refresh and that it inspires you!~ Kristen

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