DIY Salvage Side Table

We had an unfortunate incident with the Jeep last summer. I was t-boned by another driver and it bent the rim thus popping the tire. 4 rims had to be replaced or it wouldn’t match. For a year 3 rims have been stacked in the garage….until now.

I brought them in and flipped them this way and that. Tried to decide if they could stack into an end table. Never mind Gus, our Great Dane, he has to inspect everything that comes in the house.

Searched good ole Pinterest and this image arrived. I spy a tire rim and wood stained top. Looks like I can craft an end table using 2 or 3.

The bed is on a frame which makes it a bit higher than average. I decided to stack 3 tire rims for more height.

There are holes in the rims for bolts that I took advantage of. You could use a metal or pvc pipe to hold the 3 in place. I had 2 curtain rods in the workshop that aren’t being used and they fit perfectly through the holes.

I traced the tire rim on a really crappy scrap piece of plywood that I used to paint on and used my jig saw to cut around it. It wasn’t perfect but it’s ok- I planned to staple gun fabric to the front which will disguise the imperfections.

I had some scrap faux ostrich leather like fabric on hand so I traced my wood circle on the backside of the fabric. I used my staple gun to secure it to the wood top.

So here it is! 3 salvaged Jeep tire rims staked together with (curtain) rods with an inset fabric covered wood top.

It’s just the right height and price ~ a custom side table for 0 dollars!

Hope this salvage side table inspires you to take a look around next time you need a piece of furniture and see what you can put together😊

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  1. elimckhig

    Seriously? What the heck? How? How do you see potential in objects that I would immediately drive to the dump? I love that about you. I love that you can think outside the box. I love that you love taking on new challenges. The end table is amazing. You are amazing. Miss you.

  2. Desperate Craft Wife

    I’m always looking to do something new and outside the box. That’s the SWEETEST compliment- you made my day♥️. Miss you too!!!

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