Moving along with the binder organization series and today I’m sharing the CHILD binder. I have one per child and keep adding to these K-7th grade.

Why only until 7th grade? By 8th grade kids often begin taking classes that count towards their high school GPA and then we move to a 2nd binder per child that’s geared towards COLLEGE.


I keep K-7th school records in case we move or transferred schools. Both have happened more times that I would have anticipated. Schools will need official transcripts but in a pinch your records can get the ball rolling.

I keep a copy of their birth certificate, immunization records and sports physicals for easy team sign ups. Lastly, I keep awards and recognition received just for sentimental reasons -in those grade levels they don’t matter for college applications.


Grab a binder and label it with your child’s name. Toss in a few page protectors and off we go!


-report cards

-awards, honor society certificates

-standardized testing scores

-writing samples or any pieces of work you’d like to save

-copy sports physicals, school insurance

-travel sport team contacts, payments etc

-copies of medical paperwork

-copy of immunization records

-copy of birth certificate

That’s about it! If you have a child under 8th grade this is an easy system to keep their personal records in one place. We will discuss the 8th-12th grade binder geared towards COLLEGE in another post. You will blink and be ready for the next phase!

Happy filing~ Kristen

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