Ok, mine actually says “DOG INFORMATION” because we have 2 dogs but you do you! I could call it DANE INFORMATION since we currently have 2 Great Danes but dog is close enough. You feel free to change, adapt and name appropriately. Basically if you have pets you need a binder.


Pets are family members so it’s important to keep their records in a central location too. If boarding the pets you need to provide vaccination records so it’s great to have your own copies. As you may be noticing I like to have my own copy of everything just in case.


Grab a binder, give it a title and toss in some page protectors.


– vet information

-boarding information

-pet sitting directions

-vaccination records

-list of any medications and doses

-AKC paperwork if applicable

-microchip number

Good thing I’m sharing the PET BINDER because I need to update the microchip address {a whole year later}. Oooops! Address changed but if they called the number registered on the chip they still get me. I need to update that!

I think that covers the 4 legged family members. Throw together your own pet binder to avoid any ruff times~ Kristen

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