So excited to share my binder system to organize life with you.  I love having my documents easy to access and easy to maintain.  I tried file cabinets and folders for years but found thematic binders were easiest for me.  I swear there’s nothing more stressful than searching for a needle in a haystack.

In each house one person is the usually the designated bill payer.  I’m the bill payer here mostly because my husband was military and went *POOF* and deployed for 6 months to a year so I kinda had to be.

I worry that if I became really ill or was suddenly gone I would want my husband to know what our monthly bills are and how they are paid. Not trying to be morbid but Moms think like this!


Toss a few page protectors inside a binder. Sharpie a label on the side of the binder or print off a label. BOOM! You are ready to roll.


-bills to be paid inside one page protector pocket

-copies of any upcoming costs, estimates or payoffs in the binder

-a monthly print out of all bills that were paid

-a bill stub from your utilities to show account numbers (toss every few months)

I keep a note on my phone for the current month such as this.  It shows the chronological due dates, bill name and amount. (I deleted amounts for the blog because that’s TMI.)


✅1st Mortgage

✅2nd Internet

✅3rd Credit card

4th Car payment (AP)

5th life insurance (AP)

7th Gas

16th Auto insurance (AP)

18th Verizon

20th FL Prepaid (AP)

26th Electric

28th Insurance (AP)

I fill in the dollar amounts and ✅ them off as I pay them. “AP” = an auto draft payment and no action needs taken. Otherwise, I have web bill pay set up for the remaining bills.  I don’t write checks for any of our monthly or reoccurring bills. Make sure your people know how you pay the bills.

After I pay the bills for that month I print it off then delete variable amounts, delete the checkmarks and I’m all set up for the next month.  I file the printed monthly bills/expenses in the binder so we can refer back if needed.

An excel spreadsheet would be ideal for tracking -I just haven’t gotten to setting it all up. Whatever you use just stick a copy in the binder periodically.

Hopefully the BUDGET binder could provide enough clues to get the bills paid in my absence (or yours).

Happy organizing ~


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  1. Desperate Craft Wife

    Thanks! Do you have a binder or organization system that you use or you’d like to share?

  2. I started using binders several years ago, but I didn’t keep up with them. We use to work out of state for months on end, so I just threw everything in a box. But when we came back home for a couple of weeks, I didn’t put the info in the binders. It’s a wonderful idea though and something I really need to do for my husband. I use the calendar method to keep track of bills and payments.

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