DIY Mountain Mural

While my 11 year old was away at camp for a week I surprised him with a bedroom makeover. His room was baby blue when we moved in and untouched for the 11 months we’ve lived here. It was more than time.

I painted 3 walls with a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Alabaster and decided to create a mountain mural on one wall.

I’m not sure that there’s a right or wrong way to tackle the mural (top to bottom vs bottom to top)  so I’ll just share how I approached the project.

The wall was originally baby blue and I opted not to paint it white first. I honestly wasn’t sure how high I would go with the mountains and just figured it out as I traveled up the wall. I basically winged it as I went along.

I used a piece of chalk and sketched the first mountain range closest to the floor. I painted in the outlined area with Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. I bought a gallon which was craziness- I recommend quarts if anyone decides to do this project. I’m not sweating a gallon of left over paint…trust me I’ll use it somewhere!

Next I used the chalk to outline the second mountain range. This one is painted with Benjamin Moore’s Ashland Slate which was left over from the Buffalo Check Accent Wall. I drew higher peaks where the Iron Ore ranges dipped into valleys if that makes sense so the highs and lows are opposite.

If you look at the prior pics you may notice I changed the landscape of the 1st mountain range a bit. I stepped back and didn’t like it so I tweaked it. The Virginia mountain ranges near us are rolling vs steep peaks so it looks more natural now. The 3rd set of mountains is painted with Winter Solstice by Benjamin Moore. It’s also left over from the Buffalo Check Accent Wall. The 3 colors create an ombré effect.

I stopped with 3 colors of mountain ranges and opted to leave the top of the wall in the original blue color. The blue reminded me of the sky and gave the otherwise black, gray and white room a small pop of color.

As you can see the color scheme is very neutral and the decor is clean and simple.

Voila! Overall the mountain mural was pretty simple to paint {as long as I didn’t overthink it}!!!

I’m pleased with the finished product but most importantly so was my little man♥️

Hope sharing the steps to compete a DIY mountain mural are both helpful and inspiring.

Happy painting ~ Kristen

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